car rides

The one thing my dad and I used to love to do together was go for long drives.

I would talk to him about pretty much everything and he would listen and answer all my endless questions.

Even before my step-mother came into the picture it was something we did that I didn’t have to share my dad with anyone else. I could talk about anything I wanted. We would drive anywhere and that was the beauty of it, I was happy to go anywhere so long as he was by my side.


One car ride stands out in my mind. I was young, it was after my mother had died and my dad was raising me on his own.

We were driving this time back from the cottage when Bonnie Raitt’s “I can’t make you love me” came on the radio. I’m not sure if maybe it was the incredibly sad tone of the song or maybe it was something he had held in for too long.

Before that time, I had never seen my father actually bawl, I was shocked. Not even the day my mother died, he had held it together until I was gone from sight. He was always my rock.

Through his tears he told me something like, “You know how much I love you. And I will always love you. No matter what we go through in life we will always have each other.”

I looked over at my father, the picture of strength and it broke my heart.

To this day that song still makes me cry.




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