The Dancer House

When Kristy and I would travel, we would stay in “the Dancer house”. It was a place for outside strippers to stay while they worked. A lot of clubs offered a place for girls to sleep because part of the novelty was always having fresh faces. It kept things interesting for the men who would visit.

And it helped us make money.

It wasn’t exactly the safest place, and you could probably tell just by standing outside the house for more than 10 minutes that it was a drama den.

 Like that time this 40 something year old dancer had thrown a brick through the front window because she had sworn one of the dancers had locked her out. 

Girls are competitive but put strippers together under one roof while they’re competing to make money and you get a seedier version of Girls.

Anyway, One night Kristy and I were followed home from work. 

We had grabbed a taxi to split and on the way, something to eat. When we pulled into the back parking lot, we saw that we were the only ones home and the house was pitch black, save for the street lights. 

Once the taxi left, we got inside and not long after a large shadow appeared in the back door window. 

Kristy hadn’t even turned on the light when we heard a man yelling outside. Thankfully the window was glossed and out of habit i had locked the door as soon as we got in. The stranger started banging on the glass, yelling for us to “open up or he was going to break the door down”.

Kristy grabbed a broom stick and a pan for me and as we both crouched down by the door, we held our “weapons” at the ready.  I remember Kristy telling me to make sure all the rest of windows and doors were locked. So through the house i manuevered in the dark checking the locks, a bead of sweat forming on my forehead.

When i got back into the kitchen Kristy was sitting at the kitchen table with her broom stick while the mans shadow remainded leaning up against the window. 

“While you were gone, He left to do a check i think of the other doors and windows and came back to try this door again,” kristy explained while i sat down beside her. Hearing That had sent a chill down my spine. “I already called the cops.” 

By the time they had arrived, the man had already gotten bored and left but it took a while for our hearts to come back to a normal pace. 

Kristy and i swore to eachother we would never go home alone after that. 



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