I wouldn’t say that my life has been easy, becoming a stripper at a tender age after I left home has taught me a lot about life in some ways that others wouldn’t have experienced. However I know we all have struggles.

Through the years in the clubs I learned more about my self and life that no classroom could ever teach me. I learned to survive in a world that was known for chewing girls up and spitting them out. While I stood in some cases powerless to stop it.

I understand a blog like this can garner some judgement and I accept that.

For the longest time I struggled with myself; with the things I’ve done and seen and the places I’ve ended up, the people that have came and went in my life and mostly the hard decisions I’ve had to make.

Writing has helped me cope with the thoughts that have followed me out of the club.

I also wanted to shed some light on the stigma that comes with being a stripper. That although there have been many who fell victim to these stigmas, not all have. I am proof of this.

I hope you enjoy this and remember that before you judge anyone first learn their story.